ASU UK Elects New Exco 01102023

ASU UK Elects New Exco 01102023: The President's Address

Greetings Ndi Anambra.
Greetings Sons and Daughters of Anambra State.
Greetings Ndi ASU UK.

Nke onye chiri ya zelu.

I greet you all.  ASU UK has conducted a very successful election and AGM. Thanks to all the participants and special thanks to the Electoral Committee.

It marked a new beginning in ASU UK, a turning point and a day to refocus on finding a lasting peace, unity, reconciliation and progress amongst other things in our Union.

A time has come to meaningfully give back to the community, begin reaching out and setting a clear strategic direction and roadmap on what this ASU UK should represent.

A time has come to review, reflect, take stock, start rebuilding and transforming our union which is long overdue.

Evidently there are still deep and unresolved differences among some of our members requiring immediate attention and rapid action.

No doubt that from our collective efforts and genuine commitment to finding a lasting peace with the spirit of genuine forgiveness, love and togetherness especially as brothers and sisters, we will overcome the challenges and setbacks we have encountered in recent months.

Everyone has a part to play on this very important but difficult task. We are all citizens of Anambra State and the onus is on all of us to get involved, get our house in house, and make our community proud.

On behalf of the new executive team, I ask you all to remain calm, remain alert but not alarmed by any information you may come across regarding divisions etc. We are working to address and resolve these once and for all very soon.

God bless you all
God bless ASU UK
God bless Anambra State of Nigeria

Dr Malcolm A Benson
Obata Ife Adi
President ASU UK

ASU UK Elects New Exco 01102023
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