Press Release – ASU UK End of Year Event 2023

ASU UK Successfully Hosts Seminar on British Culture and End of Year Party

Following the inaugural Anambra Cultural Day last June and continuing with planned activities to mark the coronation of His Majesty, King Charles III and Queen Camila, Anambra State Union UK (‘ASU UK’) successfully hosted a seminar on British Culture and its end of year get-together on 3 December 2023. The event which took place at the Canning Town Library Hall in East London, started with a recital of the Nigerian and British National Anthems, with the members and guests in attendance loudly singing ‘GOD SAVE THE KING’, in display of their allegiance to His Majesty. 

In his welcome address, the President of ASU UK, Dr Malcolm Azuka Benson thanked the National Lottery Community Fund for their grant funding which made it possible for ASU UK to organise both the last Cultural Day and this seminar event. He stressed that the essence of organising the seminar on ‘British Culture’ was for ASU UK members and their guests to deepen their knowledge and understanding of British history and role of the Monarchy in British culture, as a tool for enhancing their cultural integration and building more cohesive communities in the UK. The Seminar also had themes on becoming a British citizen, and what makes one a good British citizen.   

Delivering his speech, the Guest Speaker at the event, Sir Barr. Chibuzo Ubochi of Victory at Law Solicitors, explained the history and the constitutional role of the Monarchy, and described the Monarchy as a ‘guarantor of stability’ in the thriving British democracy. Whilst interactively engaging with the guests in attendance, Sir Ubochi used practical examples to explain to the greatest admiration of all, the different routes and processes of becoming a British citizen. According to Sir Ubochi, the different routes and the process of becoming a British start with travel and migration to the UK.  He advised would-be citizens to avoid using any high fee charging solicitor or other application agents for making their British citizenship applications, and described the application process as being simplified and requiring no expert help or intervention to complete. 

In his own presentation, the President of The Association of Redbridge African Caribbean Communities, Mr Olawole Asgill, explained and interacted with members, on what makes one a good British citizen, as well as on the cultural and economic integration of Afro-Caribbean communities in the UK. Mr Asgill and the guests in attendance were in agreement that the adherence to the British laws and Regulations and carrying out other civic responsibilities, would ideally make one a good British citizen. He noted that while cultural identity defines any group or set of people, the tolerance, respect and understanding of other norms and cultures in any society is what leads to community cohesion and inclusiveness. The feeling of inclusiveness, he stated, dismantles barriers and promotes deeper integration into the community and the British society. Mr Asgill whilst expressing his hope that the Seminar would become an annual event, thanked ASU UK for providing such a great opportunity for people to learn more and feel closer to the British Monarchy, and for promoting community integration and cohesion. 

The concluding part of the event witnessed the entertainment of the guests to a sumptuous dinner with culinary extravaganzas and assorted drinks. This was later accompanied by great music and ‘old school’ music and dancing.  

Some of the members and guests who shared their experience and feedback with ASU UK after the event, had indicated that they were taking away with them, some useful knowledge and information on the Monarchy and British culture, and that they would like to attend such a Seminar again in the future, to further deepen their knowledge of community integration. 

We thank our members and guests who attended this epic event, as we look forward to welcoming you again at our next ASU UK event.  


Mrs Chinyelu Nwasike-Nwoye                                                           Dr Malcolm Azuka Benson

(General Secretary)                                                                           (President)

Press Release – ASU UK End of Year Event 2023
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